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Announcement: Formation of a New Membership System in Our Companies ( International VIP Bodyguard )


Dear Esteemed Members,

We, the management of the International VIP Bodyguard, are pleased to announce the formation of a new membership system in our organization. This development will grant international recognition to your membership, linking it with global networks and governmental entities to enhance your experience and expand our activities on a global level.

Details of the Announcement:

* All affiliated members are kindly requested to contact us through our official email to update their membership confirmation links to maintain their validity and enjoy the offered privileges and benefits.

* Private and government entities contracted with us are invited to verify the validity of their members' membership cards and ensure their connection to our institution and international network.

* We urge all members to promptly renew their memberships and reach out to us to avoid any interruptions in subscription and ensure continued access to our services.

Key Points from Our Management and Company Meeting:

** All affiliated members worldwide are urged to renew their membership validity and get in touch with us immediately due to its critical importance.

- Failure to renew membership after its expiration will result in the loss of subscription privileges and the connection to our international private and governmental security network.

Consequently, invalid memberships will be suspended, and former members will be required to return our institution's badge within 30 days from the membership expiration date.

** This announcement is valid and will be disseminated through international communication channels and other means.

Members have signed the initial membership form, and compliance with it is expected.

*** Using or displaying the membership in any form by individuals whose membership has expired is strictly prohibited, and violations will be dealt with according to the misuse of the membership clause. We will apply the usual legal and executive measures in the member's country.

*** This decision is effective from the date of this announcement.

We look forward to maintaining strong and fruitful collaboration with all our esteemed members. If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us through the usual channels.

Example of membership verify link :

You can fill in the new application link:

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation and support.

Legal Consequences of Non-Compliance with Membership Regulations:

In accordance with international law and the company's policies, failure to comply with the Membership rules and regulations will have serious legal consequences. Members found in violation of the membership terms, including but not limited to misusing the membership privileges, providing false information, or attempting to access restricted areas without authorization, will be subject to the following actions:

Termination of Membership: The company reserves the right to terminate the membership of individuals found in breach of the Membership rules and regulations. Membership termination will result in the immediate revocation of all associated privileges and benefits.

Legal Action: The company will take appropriate legal measures against individuals who misuse or misrepresent their membership status. Legal action may include civil claims for damages, injunctive relief, or any other remedies available under international law.

Reporting to Authorities: In cases where the breach involves illegal activities or violates governmental regulations, the company will report the matter to the relevant authorities for further investigation and possible prosecution.

Blacklisting: Members found in serious violation of the Membership rules may be added to the company's blacklist, resulting in a prohibition from future association with the organization and its affiliates.

Civil Liability: Members found responsible for any financial loss or damages to the company or its stakeholders due to non-compliance will be held liable for restitution and other appropriate civil remedies.

It is essential for all members to adhere strictly to the Membership rules and guidelines established by the company to maintain a harmonious and compliant environment. By doing so, we ensure the integrity and reputation of our organization and safeguard the interests of all stakeholders involved.

We urge all members to familiarize themselves with the Membership regulations thoroughly and seek clarification from the company's legal department if any questions or uncertainties arise.

Thank you for your cooperation in upholding the highest standards of compliance and ethical conduct within our company.


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