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Security Guards Hire Services


By businesses, casinos, hospitals, stores, banks, nuclear power plants and other organizations to help deter illegal activities.

We watching a bank of TV monitors all night, looking for suspicious activity.


Or might be stationed at a building's front door, checking IDs and greeting people who walk in. As a security guard we know the law, know the rules and be able to enforce both.

Before begin security guard Job come training


Security Guard must have full knowledge of laws, legal codes, court procedures, precedents, government regulations, executive orders, agency rules, and the democratic political process and more.


These things are imperative for a Security Guard to understand, because these rules and regulations are the basis for all proper actions taken as the Security Guard.


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International VIP bodyguard working in many types of security:

unarmed and armed security.


We do bouncer work for many international nightclubs, and a professional bodyguard, Celebrity Bodyguard Services specializes in the Executive Protection and bodyguard services for film, television, and music industry celebrities.


IVIPB operates on a global capacity and can respond to a pending or immediate crisis situation with the expertise and resources necessary to resolve any situation.


We have vast experience in security training and securing all types of facilities including government training, office buildings, educational facilities, research laboratories, and retail.

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Security Guard Licenses


The security officer/guard shall also have in such person's possession a certification card issued by an instructor/trainer who is certified to instruct/train in the legal use of such specific device and shall exhibit such card upon demand by the commissioner or the commissioner's duly authorized agent or any full time law enforcement officer.


Registered guards or applicants who will carry a Gun, stun gun, chemical spray, nightstick or other less than the lethal device, the commissioner shall require appropriate training specific to such device by a certified trainer who is certified to instruct for such specific device. It shall be the employers' responsibility to keep training records of their employees for each device.



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