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International  VIP Bodyguard  mobile training

The only International official training centre in North Africa & Gulf countries for Security Guards and Close Protection Training


We are fully approved to provide high quality Security and Close Protection training.

All of the instructors utilised by IVIPB have recognised qualifications, and are experienced Instructors and Field Operators with years of experience in Close Protection, Police and Military, Intelligence, Private Security and related fields.


Register Now to Become a government Licensed Security Guard.

Security Guard licensing you will need to attend and take three training modules The course may be delivered over four days .


•Session 1: Awareness of the Law in the Private Security Industry

•Session 2: Health and Safety for the Private Security Operative

•Session 3: Fire Safety Awareness

•Session 4: Emergency Procedures

•Session 5: The Private Security Industry

•Session 6: Communication Skills and Customer Care


Security Guarding Specialist Module

•Session 1: Introduction to the Roles and Responsibilities of Security Officers

•Session 2: Patrolling

•Session 3: Access and Egress Control

•Session 4: Searching

•Session 5: Technology and Systems in the Security Enviroment

•Session 6: The Security Officer and The Law

•Session 7: Communicating, Reporting and Record Keeping


Conflict Management Module

•Session 1: Avoiding Conflict and Reducing Personal Risk

•Session 2: Defusing Conflict

•Session 3: Resolving and Learning from Conflict

•Session 4: Application of Communication Skills and Conflict Management for Security Guarding and Close Protection


As Required Qualifications for Security Guards in The Security Industry Authority (SIA) UK

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Close protection officer .

Close Protection modules you will need to attend and take two training modulesThe course may be delivered over 12 days .


In order to work in close protection in the UK or in IVIPB you must hold a Close Protection SIA license.


Close Protection Specialist Module

•Session 1: Roles and Responsibilities of the Close Protection Operative

•Session 2: Threat and Risk Assessment

•Session 3: Surveillance Awareness

•Session 4: Operational Planning

•Session 5: Law and Legislation

•Session 6: Interpersonal Skills

•Session 7: Close Protection Teamwork and Briefing

•Session 8: Conduct Reconnaissance

•Session 9: Close Protection Foot Drills

•Session 10: Route Selection

•Session 11: Close Protection Journey Management

•Session 12: Search Procedures

•Session 13: Incident Management

•Session 14: Venue Security


Conflict Management

•Session 1: Avoiding Conflict and Reducing Personal Risk

•Session 2: Defusing Conflict

•Session 3: Resolving and Learning from Conflict

•Session 4a: Application of Communication Skills and Conflict Management for Security Guarding and Close Protection


As Required Qualifications for Close Protection in The Security Industry Authority (SIA) UK

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Hotel Security Executive training you will need to attend and take two training modulesThe course may be delivered over 2 days .


In order to work in Hotel Security with IVIPB you must hold Hotel Security Executive license.


Security Essence

Security Principles

Protection According to Incident Phases

Establishing the Focus of Protection


Hotel Security

Hotel security basics – facility and perimeter

Response areas

Layered defense

Points for consideration

Searches, patrols and communication


Checking People

Effective Ways to Check a Person

Suspicious Signs in Appearance and Behavior

Questioning / Security Interview and Documents


Dealing with Aggressive People


VIP Protection

Executive Protection Security Principles and Roles

Using Physical, Technical and Visual Barriers

Residence and Vehicle Security

Executive Protection in Motion



Dividing the Threats by Severity

Terrorism – Types and Methods

Preventing and Detecting Internal and External

Crime and Fraud

Protecting Against Organized Perpetrators and

Single Perpetrators


Emergency Situations

Dealing With a Suspect

Dealing with Aggressive Behavior

Threats and Anonymous Calls

Hostage Situations

Assaults, Shooting Incidents

Explosives, Bombing Attacks and Suicide Bombers

Explosive Mail and Car Bombs



Responding to Emergency

Division of Roles in Emergency

Conducting Emergency Searches

Evacuation and Sheltering


Crisis Recovery

Post Incident Procedures

Minimizing the Damage

Preserving Evidence


On completion of the course, the participants will be expected to have developed skills of successfully detecting and responding to risks that are threatening the local hotel industry.


Bodyguard Training you will need to attend and take 3 training modules The course may be delivered over 10 days or More.


In order to work in Bodyguard in IVIPB you must hold a Close Protection SIA license or CP -IVIPB license.


- Introduction to Close Protection

- Duties and Responsibilities of the Close Protection Officer (CPO)

- Terminology and structure of Close Protection

- Concentric Protection Circles/Rings and their usage

- Protective formations and escort techniques on foot

- Moving the Principal

- Practical use of tactics for VIP protection

- Single and Team work – routine and emergency

- Safety formations on the special places and occasions

- The Prime Positions and exclusion zones

- Emergency First Response

- First aid, CPR and the usage a AED

- Diving equipment and his usage

- Cooperation with other force

- Safe Room Planning

- The content of a operational plan and his making

- Planning of Driving route and escape preparation

- Health and Safety


Embus and Debus

- Evacuation

- Threat and Risk Assessment

- Protocol and Dining Etiquette

- Reason of attemps and attack’s methods

- Analysis of terrorist attempts

- Sabotage identification

- Observation and Reconnaissance

- Psychology

- Conflict Management and communication techniques

- Rules and attitude in hostage situation

- Report Writing

- CQB (Close Quarter Battle)

- Residential and Hotel Security

- Role of the escort and VIP Driver

- Physical Intervention

- Special Close Combat for Bodyguard

- Weapon and ballistics

- Combat Shooting with pistol and other special weapons

- Extreme stress training in tactical/killer house


- Reporting skills

- Descriptions

- Communication Equipment and use of radio communication

- Electronic Surveillance

- Search procedures and methods

- Improvised Explosive Devices

- Letter and Parcel Bombs

- Bomb Search – building and Vehicle

- Informations and Data Protection

- Vehicle Escort Formations

- Counter Surveillance

- Vehicle Manoeuvres and Defensive Driving techniques

- Anti-ambush Drills and Vehicle Procurement

- Law in Close Protection job

- Travel and CPO

- Person the methods of revision

- Personal protection with pistol


Training Requirements for the use of a Guns ,Stun Gun, Chemical Spray, Night Stick or other less than lethal device.


Registered guards or applicants who will carry a Gun, stun gun, chemical spray, night stick or other less than lethal device, the commissioner shall require appropriate training specific to such device by a certified trainer who is certified to instruct for such specific device. It shall be the employers' responsibility to keep training records of their employees for each device.


The security officer/guard shall also have in such person's possession a certification card issued by an instructor/trainer who is certified to instruct/train in the legal use of such specific device and shall exhibit such card upon demand by the commissioner or the commissioner's duly authorized agent or any full time law enforcement officer.


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