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International VIP Bodyguard is involved in various security operations, including unarmed and armed security.

We undertake security responsibilities for numerous international nightclubs, providing bouncer services. Celebrity Bodyguard Services specializes in Executive Protection and bodyguard services for celebrities in the film, television, and music industries.

IVIPB operates globally, capable of responding to pending or immediate crisis situations with the expertise and resources necessary to resolve any situation.

With extensive experience in security training, we secure various facilities, including government training facilities, office buildings, educational institutions, research laboratories, and retail establishments.

Before commencing their roles, security guards undergo training to equip them with a thorough understanding of laws, legal codes, court procedures, precedents, government regulations, executive orders, agency rules, the democratic political process, and more. This knowledge is essential for Security Guards, as it forms the basis for all proper actions taken.

Security Guard Hire Services are sought by businesses, casinos, hospitals, stores, banks, nuclear power plants, and other organizations to deter illegal activities. Security guards may monitor a bank of TV monitors for suspicious activity or be stationed at a building's front door, checking IDs and greeting people. Security guards are well-versed in the law, rules, and are capable of enforcing both.

Security Guard Licenses are mandatory, and the security officer/guard must possess a certification card issued by an instructor/trainer certified to instruct/train in the legal use of specific devices. This card should be exhibited upon demand by the commissioner, the commissioner's duly authorized agent, or any full-time law enforcement officer. For registered guards or applicants carrying weapons, the commissioner mandates appropriate training specific to such devices by a certified trainer. Employers are responsible for maintaining training records for each device used by their employees.

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