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Close Protection Officer

A Close Protection Officer is a type of security operative or government agent responsible for safeguarding individuals, typically those who are public, wealthy, or politically significant, from various dangers, including theft, assault, kidnapping, assassination, harassment, loss of confidential information, threats, or other criminal offenses.


The team of officers assigned to protect a VIP is commonly referred to as the VIP's security detail.

A Bodyguard is a personal security officer who shields clients from threats such as assault, kidnapping, and stalking. Armed bodyguards assess threats, plan routes, and conduct searches of cars and buildings to ensure the safety of their clients. Ideally, the preparation and presence of a bodyguard are sufficient to prevent an attack, but armed bodyguards must also be ready to use force if necessary.

Oftentimes, they also serve as drivers for their clients. Individuals who opt to hire armed bodyguards typically include those frequently in the public eye, such as celebrities and politicians, who may face a higher risk than the general public.


Special Training and Education

Specialized training and education are typically required for individuals aspiring to become armed bodyguards. Training in defense, weaponry, and combat is almost always necessary. An educational background in criminal justice provides armed bodyguards with a competitive edge when seeking job opportunities.

IVIPB may offer training to its current or prospective employees, covering various aspects such as unarmed combat, threat assessment, and first aid.

Training requirements for the use of firearms, stun guns, chemical spray, nightsticks, or other less-than-lethal devices are stringent and must be met by individuals seeking to employ such tools.

We provide a



We offer you the safety and security that you need and deserve. Throughout the meeting, you will receive ample information regarding the most effective solutions for personal protection.

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