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Membership Application Form

Choose your Membership :Security Services / Bodyguards, Homeland Security or Civilian Member
Choose your membership International Close Protection Network/ Close Protection / Diplomatic Security or Investigations.

Thanks for registering for IVIPB Membership,  

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

"After approving this online membership application form, you need to send all required documents to

The required documents include :

*  a recent passport photo.

*  Copy of your travel passport. 

*  your National ID card.

* Certifications and experiences in Security, Police, or Military

Once we receive your application, we will send you an email with the approved membership and payment links."


IVIPB I agree to the terms & conditions:


As a member of the International VIP Bodyguard (IVIPB), I understand and accept the following principles as an integral part of my professional application:


I acknowledge my personal responsibility to promote the professional development of both myself and my colleagues, regardless of gender.


I will consistently demonstrate the highest level of integrity in the execution of my duties, ensuring that I fulfill my responsibilities with utmost professionalism and competence.


I will abstain from engaging in any unethical or illegal activities that could compromise my duties or jeopardize the well-being of those I am entrusted to protect. Furthermore, I pledge to refrain from using any narcotic or intoxicating substances that could impair my judgment or hinder my ability to perform my duties effectively.


I am committed to maintaining an open mind and actively pursuing knowledge and information to continuously enhance my skills and discover new methods and systems.


I will always be honest and transparent in my interactions with principals, fellow International VIP Bodyguard members, and officers, as well as business associates. I will uphold the standards set by our founder.


Recognizing the immense trust and responsibility bestowed upon me, I dedicate myself to the advancement of the bodyguard profession and the protection of those under my care. I will maintain the confidentiality of any organizational secrets and refrain from disclosing them to unauthorized individuals.


I acknowledge the unique international nature of the company and our organization and pledge to remain deserving of my membership by rejecting any animosity based on gender, creed, or ethnic origin. I will not discriminate against any fellow member for these reasons.


I will truthfully represent myself to principals, potential employers, and fellow members of the IVIPB. 


I will not misrepresent my capabilities or make false claims about myself.


I will not engage in teaching bodyguard skills to others until I have obtained the necessary qualifications and received written permission from the Directors of the IVIPB. Furthermore, I will not use the logo or name of the International VIP Bodyguard without the written consent of the Directors.

Finally, I commit myself to achieving excellence in all aspects of the bodyguard profession, continuously striving for personal and professional growth.


I understand that the ID card and membership granted to me by the International VIP Bodyguard (IVIPB) are valuable assets, and I accept full responsibility for their safekeeping and appropriate use throughout the duration of my membership.


I will ensure that my ID card is used solely for authorized purposes related to my role as a member of the IVIPB. I will not misuse or lend it to others, and I will promptly report any loss or theft to the appropriate authorities within the organization.


I acknowledge that my membership in the IVIPB extends over a significant period, and I will uphold the values and commitments outlined in this professional application for the entirety of my affiliation.


I am aware that the International VIP Bodyguard (IVIPB) reserves the right to revoke my membership if I bring discredit or harm to the organization's reputation. In such a circumstance, I understand that the IVIPB may request the return of my ID card and any certifications associated with my membership.



I understand that adherence to international laws and regulations is of utmost importance in the bodyguard profession. I acknowledge that the International VIP Bodyguard (IVIPB) retains the authority to revoke my membership and request the return of my ID card and certifications if I engage in any actions that violate international laws or bring disrepute to the organization.


I acknowledge that the trademark of the International VIP Bodyguard (IVIPB) is protected intellectual property. 


I understand that any unauthorized or inappropriate use of the IVIPB trademark may result in legal action taken by the organization. 

If found guilty of such misuse, I accept that the IVIPB reserves the right to pursue legal remedies, including seeking financial compensation for damages incurred.


By signing and submitting this application electronically, I affirm that this electronic signature is considered legally binding and has the same validity as a handwritten signature. I confirm that all the information provided in this application is true, accurate, and complete.

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