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A Security Consultant serves as an advisor and supervisor for all security measures necessary to effectively protect a company or client’s assets. Utilizing their knowledge and expertise, Security Consultants assess potential security threats and breaches to prevent them. They also create contingency protocols and plans for addressing violations when they occur.

Security Consultants may work as part of a company's staff, often in roles such as Head of Security or other managerial positions. Alternatively, they can operate within a Security Agency, offering assistance and expertise to third parties. Security Consulting Agencies typically engage with medium or small businesses and individuals seeking to protect personal assets.

The scope of work for a Security Consultant encompasses various security-related responsibilities, including the protection of property, financial assets, valuable objects, people, and information. Security Consultants coordinate an entire team of security specialists (e.g. Cyber Security Specialists, Bodyguards, and Security Guards) to provide a comprehensive range of protection and defensive measures.

"We uphold UK qualifications to international standards. Additionally, we are involved in determining the nature and extent of risk assessment procedures.

  • Examining the client’s assets to determine the level of security needed.

  • Designing security protocols, plans, and systems.

  • Implementing security measures and drafting security policies for clients.

  • Coordinating and briefing with the security team, assigning tasks accordingly.

  • Meeting with clients to explain security measures and provide technical advice on security systems.

  • Conducting security tests, analyzing results, and reporting the findings."

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