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We are members and certified instructors of the National Rifle Association, America's longest-standing organization in the world.

This training course is an introduction to the Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun and focuses on the fundamentals of shooting safety, firearms handling, and marksmanship.

form intermediate, and advanced levels


If you are thinking about working as security or close protection or purchasing or just purchased a firearm and need training this is the perfect training for you. 


This course teaches all firearms TYPES and is in an easy-to-learn format that is the basis for all your shooting needs and safety. we start the course takes you from the basic steps of cleaning and maintaining your firearm to shooting safely and accurately. 


You will quickly gain experience, confidence and increase your skill level with a firearm.


IVIPB provides the Firearms, ammunition, and instruction.


Skills Taught:

Firearms safety principles

Firearms Types

Parts of a Firearm

Ammunition safety, parts, and types

Firearms Storage

Firearms loading/unloading

Fundamentals of Marksmanship

Trigger manipulation drills

Slowly aimed fire drills

Rapid aimed fire drills

Single target engagement


Armed Security Officer Training

This is a course on the proper use of semi-automatic handguns.

You will master topics such as one-handed shooting, repairing jams, and how to win a gunfight!


* Dry fire training

* Shoot one-handed or with both hands

* Reload with one hand

* Clear a jam with one hand

* Shooting over and concealment

* Shooting in low-light situations

* Cleaning & maintenance

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Tactical firearms training for law enforcement

The Police Tactical Firearms course will develop and improve requisite skills with the sidearm and shoulder-mounted firearms (including shotguns). The focus of the course will be to improve basic gun handling and practical shooting skills. Officers completing this course have documented significant increases in skill levels and as by-product confidence in their ability to use their weapons. 


Topics covered in this course include:


* Foundational skill review

* Use of Force and Civil Liability

* Static shooting drills

* Barricade/use of cover (basic and combat)

* Gun Handling Skills

* Reloads and malfunction drills

* Low Light Shooting Tactics

* Cover Utilization

* Skill Assessment and Qualification

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Firearms training for close protection & Bodyguard


Introduction to safe practical and effective firearms handling. 

This course is specifically designed to train candidates in the fundamentals of pistol shooting,

From safe to fast handling, accurate and effective close-quarter shooting.

You will be shown the most up-to-date techniques currently taught to Special Forces units, To enable you to shoot efficiently in a variety of realistic tactical situations.

instructors will present increasingly difficult tactical drills to develop superior handling skills with both weapons.


Students will leave with a good understanding of shooting fundamentals and how to apply them in a tactical situation.



* Advanced Tactical Firearms Training

* Defensive Tactics

* Weapons and Equipment (Glock 17, M4, AK, AR)

* Tactical and Evasive Driving shooting situation

* Defensive Tactics

* Multi-level techniques, stairs, and multiple entries

* shooting under stress

* Tactical use of a flashlight in buildings

* Basic & Advanced CQB

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IVIPB International Training Centre can custom tailor a program to meet the specific needs of your business, department, unit, group, company, or personal requirements.

To learn more about creating a custom program, please contact us using the form below.

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