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Security Investigation

An investigation into the activities of an individual or company is designed to gather relevant information related to trustworthiness and suitability for a position of trust. This assessment includes factors such as loyalty, character, emotional stability, and reliability.

IVIPB possesses the experience, skills, and expertise to offer organizations a comprehensive, ethical, and professional investigative service. Our investigators are adept at working in both metropolitan and rural environments. Clients receive written reports encompassing a daily log, surveillance notes, and case summaries. Interviews are recorded and documented, and clients are provided with digitized photos. Detailed explanations accompany all billing. We take pride in our thorough, efficient, and effective investigative methods.

All IVIPB investigations are overseen by a licensed attorney with extensive experience in litigation. Confidentiality is assured, and all cases are handled with the utmost discretion.

We have a unique international network of investigators, enabling us to provide cost-effective coverage for any investigation you may require.

Investigation Types:

  • Background Investigation

  • Minimum Background Investigation

  • Single Scope Background Investigation

  • Public Trust Special Background Investigation

  • Law Check and Credit Search by Governments

  • Special Investigation

  • Enhanced Subject Interview

  • Reopen Investigation/Reimbursable Suitability/Security Investigation

  • Private Investigator

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