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Pistol firearms training


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✅ Police Tactical Firearms Training: 01, 02, and 03 July 2024 (3 days)

Police tactical firearms training is a specialized program designed to equip law enforcement officers with the skills and knowledge needed to safely and effectively use firearms in various situations. This type of training is crucial for ensuring the safety of officers and the public.

Key components of police tactical firearms training may include:

Firearms Safety: Emphasis on proper handling, storage, and maintenance of firearms to prevent accidents and ensure safe use.
Marksmanship: Developing accurate and precise shooting skills under various conditions and distances.
Tactical Shooting: Training for shooting in dynamic and high-stress situations, considering cover, movement, and situational awareness.
Decision-Making Skills: Simulated scenarios that help officers make quick and effective decisions regarding the use of firearms.
Legal and Ethical Considerations: Understanding the laws and ethical guidelines surrounding the use of firearms in law enforcement.
Weapon Retention and Disarming Techniques: Techniques to retain control of one's firearm and methods for disarming a suspect in close-quarters situations.
Scenario-based Training: Simulating real-life situations to allow officers to apply their training in a controlled environment.
Stress Inoculation: Exposing officers to stressors to help them manage stress and perform effectively in high-pressure situations.
This type of training is typically ongoing, and officers may undergo regular refreshers to maintain and enhance their skills. The goal is to ensure that law enforcement officers are well-prepared to handle any situation that may require the use of firearms while prioritizing safety and minimizing risks.

Keep in mind that specific training programs and content may vary between law enforcement agencies and jurisdictions.

* Safety, is the principle of operation with a firearm (pistol)
* Equipment
* The rules of shooting
* Wearing, gripping, and handling weapons
* Methods for reloading
* Replacing magazines
* Shooting positions
* The identification and neutralization
* Jams and their removal

Accreditation bodies and related courses supporting the programs:

🏆 Participant Benefits:

Accredited from:
International Police Organization Academy
International Security & Close Protection Training Academy - USA
Counter Crime Intelligence Organization CCIO

** Option to obtain an IVIPB license for pistol carrying during training.
Membership card of the American National Rifle Association (NRA).
Membership and certification from the International Police Organization.
IVIPB Golden Company Membership.
Certificate attestation services from embassies.

💰 Course Fees:

✅ Training: £1100

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