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Diplomatic Close Protection Training


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✅ Diplomatic Close Protection Training: 24 to 29 June 2024.Full Camping(6 days, includes firearms training and 4 days accommodation)


📅 Training Dates:

Full Camping Diplomatic Close Protection Training: 24 to 29 June 2024 (6 days, includes firearms training and 4 days accommodation)
✨ Training Highlights:

Specialized training designed to prepare Regional Security Officers for protecting diplomatic facilities against any threats.
Accredited by internationally recognized awarding bodies.
Comprehensive curriculum covering threat assessment, operational planning, surveillance awareness, law and legislation, interpersonal skills, incident management, and firearm training.

🛡️ Course Overview:

Program Overview and Objectives
Training Facilities and Instructors
Administrative Procedures and Logistics
Threat Assessment and Operational Planning

Understanding Threats Against Diplomatic Missions
Conducting Comprehensive Threat Assessments
Developing Operational Plans for Close Protection
Surveillance Awareness and Interpersonal Skills

Surveillance Detection Techniques
Recognizing and Responding to Suspicious Behavior
Interpersonal Communication Skills for Close Protection
Close Protection Drills and Teamwork

Close Protection Team Dynamics
Formation Drills and Movement Techniques
Close Protection Team Briefing and Debriefing
Firearms Training and Route Selection

Firearms Safety and Handling Procedures
Pistol Shooting Techniques and Practice
Route Selection and Planning for Diplomatic Convoys
Close Protection Operations and Incident Management

Close Protection Journey Management
Search Procedures and Vehicle Checks
Incident Management and Crisis Response

🏆 Participant Benefits:

Accreditation from:
International Police Organization Academy
International Security & Close Protection Training Academy - USA
Counter Crime Intelligence Organization CCIO
🌐 Accreditation Bodies and Related Courses:

Accreditation bodies and related courses supporting the programs:
International Security & Close Protection Training Academy

United Nations System Staff University - UNSSC

International Police Organization Academy Department.

Counter Crime Intelligence Organization CCIO

📝 Note:
Please only apply if you are serious about attending the training and can travel to the UAE. Applications are for committed candidates only.

Program Overview:

Day 1: Meeting and start of the first course day.

Day 2-5: Full Camping. Accommodation will be provided for 4 days.
Practical and tutorial training, focusing on teamwork and dealing with training camp scenarios. The location includes a swimming pool, garden, and other amenities.

Day 5: Return to the meeting room place.

Day 6: The day will conclude with examinations, certification, and graduation.

Accommodation during the training period will be covered by us.
Each 2attendee will have one room with a large bed.

What to Bring:
Please bring your bag with training suits, training shoes, and tactical belts. If your family members, such as your wife, wish to join you for
4-day training camp, please contact us to arrange their accommodation. (with extra cost)

Food and Drink:
Food and drinks will be at your own expense.
You can either order food daily or arrange meals together with other participants.

Free from the Meeting point to the camping place.
Need confirmation, we will not be able to provide transportation, and you will need to arrange your own.

Tactical belts, training suits, and training shoes are required. Please wear either black or dark blue.

🌐 Registration & Contact:

WhatsApp: +447438144166 (London)
Call +971589548800 (Dubai)

💰 Course Fees: £1550

We look forward to seeing you at the training.

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