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Close protection officer 


It is a type of security operative or government agent who protects a person or persons.


Usually public, wealthy, or politically important figures from danger generally theft, assault, kidnapping, assassination, harassment, loss of confidential information, threats, or other criminal offenses. The group of officers who protect a VIP is often referred to as the VIPs security detail.


Bodyguard is a personal security officer who protects clients from such threats as assault, kidnapping, and stalking. Armed bodyguards protect by assessing threats, planning routes and searching cars and buildings. Ideally, preparation and presence are


all that is necessary to prevent an attack, but armed bodyguards also must be prepared to use force if necessary.

Oftentimes, they serve as drivers for their clients. Individuals who elect to hire armed bodyguards include those frequently in the public eye such as celebrities and politicians, and they may be at a higher risk than civilians.


There special training education


It is typically required of those who want to become armed bodyguards, but training in defense, weaponry, and combat are required in almost every case. An education in criminal justice gives armed bodyguards an advantage in obtaining job opportunities.


Training for armed bodyguards may be provided by IVIPB to their current or potential employees and includes classes in unarmed combat, threat assessment, and first aid.


Training Requirements for the use of a Guns, Stun Gun, Chemical Spray, Night Stick or other less than the lethal device.

We provide a



We provide you with the safety and security that you need and deserve. During the meeting, you will receive plenty of information concerning the most effective solutions for personal protection.

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