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IVIPB International Mobile Training Teams

  • Basic & advanced executive/close protection/Bodyguard (CP-BG)

  • High-Risk Protective Security (PSD)

  • Close Protection (Hostile Environments)

  • Protective Security Specialist (PSS)

The course will cover Close Protection and Security Risk Management, broken down into individual training modules. This presents a unique opportunity to obtain internationally recognized qualifications for the high-level protection and security industry.

Training, along with an exclusive range of VIP Luxury Services, is available to a diverse range of client groups, each with their unique needs, requirements, circumstances, and associated needs related to their professions or status.

Close Protection and Bodyguard Training courses offered by IVIPB are conducted in the United Kingdom and The Middle East several times each year and upon request anywhere in the world for groups or official agencies.

All of our Close Protection Training Courses are now conducted by International IVIPB training worldwide.


The IVIPB Bodyguard Training Program has received recognition and qualification from more than 14 international and national educational organizations and institutions.

Our training is realistic, professional, and of high quality, surpassing the requirements of the SIA, and IVIPB is recognized globally. Our Bodyguard Training Program has also received international recognition and qualification from international training as an accredited and recognized training system and center for security and anti/counter-terrorist sciences worldwide.

Graduates who successfully meet all course requirements will be eligible for a professional international diploma, a bodyguard badge, and an ID card of the International VIP Bodyguard, acknowledged globally and recognized in both the private and public sectors.

The IVIPB Bodyguard courses have also received recognition from some Middle Eastern governments.

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